Peer Coaching introductory meetings

Peer Coaching Group meeting

Introducing you to our Peer Coaching groups and model.

A two hour meeting where CEOs, Senior Executives and leaders can experience the enlightening Peer Coaching process.

Held monthly on the 3rd Monday – Sydney CBD.

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Seminars and workshops

Constantia workshops are held each quarter (February, April, July and October) in Sydney and, Each covers a key area such as Performance management, Profitability, Operational effectiveness or Cashflow.

The workshops are interactive and give practical tips and aids to attendees.

Find out more and book your place via the Eventbrite links below.

22 February 2018Succession Planning
26 April 2018Strategic Planning    
26 July 2018 River of Wealth
25 October 2018 Performance Health Check

Succession Planning

Succession Planning – seminar by Graham Le Roux

This workshop explores how and when management, ownership or control of a business can best be transferred to new owners.

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Strategic Planning

All too often strategic plans are too complicated and long, or underdone. In this workshop you will be given guidance and templates to develop simple, elegant and concise Strategic Plans.

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River of Wealth

River of Wealth - seminar by Graham Le Roux

Some businesses can have the equivalent of three years of sales in their working capital! This workshop explores the power of managing your working capital and how this can aid your cashflow and add to your bottom line.

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Performance Health Check

Performance Health Check - seminar by Graham Le Roux

Overwhelming data can contributes to senior managers and business leaders losing site of what actually needs to be measured and managed. In this workshop we discuss the need for – and the means of – measuring and assessing performance.

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