‘Doing the work’ … A psychologist friend tells me that her clients respond much better to therapy when they ‘do the work’.

I have experienced corporate decision-making situations where sacred cows, vested interests and legacy systems impact negatively on management decisions. Unfortunately, it is often easier to go with the flow and not try to change the status quo when making important decisions.

This usually works to the detriment of the organisation – my best example of this was the invention of the digital watch and its rejection by the industry as a whole. The traditional watch companies played catch up for years! We see more of this today with the impact of organisations like Air BNB and Uber.

Where Peer Coaching helps

One way of avoiding the traps of insular thinking, Sacred Cows, Vested interests and Legacy systems is by participating in a Peer to Peer leadership group. These are also known as Peer Coaching or Mastermind Groups. The concept was first described in the 1980’s by Beverly Showers and Bruce Joyce, Andrew Carnegie talked about his Mastermind group and Covey talked about the concept in his book The 7Habits of Highly Effective People.

In her book, The Power of Peer Coaching, Lynda McDermott describes a number of benefits to participants in a Peer Coaching group:

  • Participants can resolve issues, decisions and challenges with assistance from the group.
  • Participants can enhance their reputations.
  • Participants can enhance their professional development.
  • Participants can enhance their confidence.
  • Participants can enhance their satisfaction.

I have had the pleasure of participating in Peer Coaching groups as both a member and as a facilitator. I encourage senior executives to seek out and join a Peer Coaching group – I believe that you will benefit from the investment.