Personal business coaching

Clarity of purpose is essential for managerial success. We also believe that elegant operations are more easily implemented and more likely to succeed.

Our Consulting and Personal Coaching services are both therefore focused on these two simple imperatives:

  • clarity of purpose [direction]
  • elegant operations [alignment and [engagement].

  Our Personal Coaching model

Our coaching works directly on the quality of leadership and decision-making. It focuses on achieving powerful integration of all aspects of the organisation:

Direction. Defining the organisation’s future direction, based on a thorough understanding of the present.

Alignment. Aligning organisational capabilities, resources, processes and measurement to the needs of the vision and the strategy.

Engagement. Engaging the people of the organisation in the pursuit of improved performance.

Business Coaching: Direction, alignment and engagement

In our experience, organisations may find that Personal Coaching in specific areas are more useful for executives and members of the senior management team than an organisation-wide consultancy approach.

In response to this our Constantia Personal Coaching seeks to enhance an individual’s performance in their role and capability by working with them through their challenges and opportunities.

  • Respecting each of the three key elements of performance – Direction, Alignment and Engagement.
  • Supporting and improving the engagement of individuals in your organisation in their work.
  • Increasing clarity of direction and achieving better alignment of business effort by everyone in the organisation.

  The Constantia approach

In our personal coaching we use a 4-step approach to ensure that the individual is operating within the organisation’s framework:

Current situation, Goal, Plan and Act, Conclude – ensuring that:

  • we are respectful of the individual and the organisation
  • we are respectful of the individual’s business and life experience and goals
  • we are honest, providing constructive and challenging feedback
  • we help the individual set high goals that are achievable.

‘Performance = Potential – Interference’ W. Timothy Gallwey

Our principles and behaviours

We work with individuals as colleagues and partners… never trying to control or manipulate them.

We take proactive steps to ensure that relationships between managers, subordinates and peers are enhanced by our involvement.

We include regular process reviews, to ensure that we stay on track.

We only take on coaching roles where there is a clear match of capability and of values.

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