The power of Peer Coaching

The Constantia Peer Coaching model is based on the concept of peers working collaboratively to help each other solve issues, make clear decisions and overcome challenges.

We achieve this by harnessing the experience, skill and perspectives of the peers in the group. This results in peers understanding how they apply their knowledge and becoming aware of the impact of their experience – leading to deeper insights about their approach to using their knowledge.

We highly recommend this powerful Peer Coaching process, that helps executives leverage their resources in unexpected ways. We have established a model which delivers results using our closely chaired meeting agenda and adherence to an enquiry and advocacy model. Our facilitators are experienced executives who have been trained how to apply our Peer Coaching model.

Core elements of our Peer Coaching groups

  1. All of our meetings focus on harnessing the combined knowledge, experience and perspectives of each member of the group. Our intention is to resolve the selected issues, decisions or challenges presented by members of the group.
  2. Each month, members of the group self-assess themselves against a different Business Excellence Principle, inspiring the exploration of different key business ideas.
  3. We generally do not have external speakers – this keeps the meetings focused on the key objectives. Separate seminars and workshops are scheduled regularly for professional growth.
  4. We try to  include a banker, a lawyer, a recruiter and an accountant in each group.
  5. All group members sign a confidentiality agreement and respect and value the confidences shared in the meetings … What happens in the group stays in the group.

“All for one and one for all”

We see our Peer Coaching as being like the three musketeers: “All for one and one for all”.

As an example of how it works: One member presented a problem to the group about prices that were no longer providing adequate returns. The group helped the member develop a surprising strategy that resulted in a 15% pricing increase equivalent to $0.5 million per annum.

Participating in a Peer Coaching group:

  • provides feedback on presented ideas, strategies and plans
  • assists you in identifying actions for solving issues, decisions and challenges.

Your unique combination of knowledge, experience and perspectives have led to your success.

By participating in a Constantia Peer Group you will be able to share your wisdom and talent with other members while receiving from them their sharing with you.

Members frequently express the satisfaction they gain from sharing and helping others in this way.

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