Meeting - Peer Coaching group

Peer Coaching has been used by executives for a number of years. It was notably used by Carnegie as the principle of his mastermind group, and Covey talked about it in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

Peer Coaching is used by business leaders, executives and senior managers to help each other collaboratively. It uses the power of their combined unique knowledge, experience and perspectives to identify possible and often extraordinary solutions.

You can engage with Constantia Peer Coaching in two ways:

Peer Coaching – monthly meetings with other like-minded business leaders to help each other solve problems.
Enterprise Peer Coaching – monthly meetings with your executive team to help each other solve problems.

The Peer Coaching process encourages members to be bold in action and broad in thinking, and identifies possible and often extraordinary solutions.

Peer Coaching meetings cover:

  • an update on developments since the last meeting
  • selection of issues that are discussed at the meeting
  • exploration of a Business Excellence principle
  • any hot topics which may have arisen.

Meetings of up 16 peers, typically run for 3 hours.

More about our Peer Coaching model

Feedback from group members

  Great interaction and flowing of ideas
  Honest & true sharing
  Very professional and balanced
  Great job keeping discussion moving
  Useful way to dissect my business
  Good clear process
  Very worthwhile

Cornerstones of our Peer Coaching groups

  • a focus on augmenting/leveraging Knowledge, Experience and Perspectives
  • professional facilitation
  • adherence to an adult learning method
  • a culture of generosity.
Knowledge Perspective Experience

Resolving IDCs – Issues, Decisions and Challenges

Reasons to join a Peer Coaching group

  Tap into the knowledge, experience and perspectives of your peers.

  Discover different ideas to broaden your experience, knowledge and perspectives.

  Gain clarity on the optimum approach to reach your goals or resolve issues.

  Unify your Senior executives to trust in each other, developing and enhancing your organisation’s values.

  Learn about and apply Business Excellence criteria to implement a sustainable future for your organisation

  Supportive accountability to your peers.

  Ongoing personal and professional development.

  Time prioritised for “working on” your business.