Ready – Fire – Aim!  Sounds wrong doesn’t it? All too often we see the results of this in failed projects, poor ideas and poor execution. Before firing a weapon, one must first select the right weapon, then ensure that it is properly loaded, sharpened or prepared, then aim it and finally fire it or hit with it or throw it.

A good example of this cycle being wrong is throwing a hand grenade before removing the safety pin. Actually, this could even more disastrous if you remove the safety pin, release it and don’t throw it in time. But I digress!

What should a good strategy consist of?

Much is available on strategy and what should be done and when – this is the subject of a least ten lectures in MBA courses! Leaders probably have extensive knowledge of the academic dimensions of strategy, then develop ways of implementing that knowledge.

I like the following five dimensions of strategy:

  • Environment – What are our environmental constraints?
  • Capability – What are we able to make/do/deliver?
  • Market – Where will we be plying our services/products?
  • Operations – Just how will we do this?
  • Measurement – How well have we done all of the above, and can it be improved?

Remember that Leadership and Strategy must be aligned – you can’t say we are flying to London and then buy a bicycle to cycle there because it may be cheaper. Your peers in a Peer Coaching group can help you maintain your alignment and focus.