The Pied Piper led a whole village of kids to their deaths and, many despots have led their countries or their gangs to various levels of power and/or financial success. Were these despots good leaders?

They might have succeeded in their quests, yet we inherently know that although they achieved their aims they were not good leaders. Their passion for their personal goals influenced others to the extent that they followed for a while.

What should be in a good leader’s backpack?

Much is written about leadership and a Google search will provide any number of lists of leadership skills, elements or attributes. Detailed lists and explanations are found in national Quality organisations and these are informative and comprehensive.

In my experience leaders must have varying degrees of the following five abilities:

  • ability to set the Context by way of Mission, Vision and Values
  • ability to set the Governance
  • ability to coordinate Plans
  • ability to Communicate appropriately to all stakeholders
  • ability to ensure the proper Stewardship of resources.

Note that none of these are operational – they are all directional and leaders should direct.

Participating in a Peer Coaching group allows you as a leader to be influenced by your respected peers, to identify your strengths and development opportunities.