Business consulting - clarity of purpose and elegant operations

Clarity of purpose is essential for managerial success. We also believe that elegant operations are more easily implemented and more likely to succeed.

Our Consulting and Personal Coaching services are both therefore focused on these two simple imperatives:

  • clarity of purpose [direction]
  • elegant operations [alignment and engagement].

We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities.

Norman Vincent Peale

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

  Clarity of purpose –

Where is your organisation going and how will it get there?

Research by McKinsey & Company suggest that an effective CEO spends about 95% of the day on planning and the remaining 5% on “other”.

As a leader you probably realise that there are only a few things you should be focused on:

  • prioritising your time
  • managing your resources
  • being effective
  • managing your isolation.
Constantia - Consulting approach

A familiar trap for CEOs and Executives is to get caught up in executing plans instead of setting direction and delegating the execution of plans. Creating plans with your executives and leaders is recommended as it implies a broad input and hopefully “buy-in” from all quarters. And ideally it includes an offsite planning retreat for all leaders in your organisation.

Designing an effective planning process

Experience with strategic planning indicates that setting the planning process up well is essential for an effective outcome – and it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’.

Our planning services include scoping, design and delivery of a customised Strategic Planning process that takes into account the nuances of your organisation and reflects the nature of its activities.

Outcomes from the planning will normally include a new or revised Mission and Vision, together with a formal statement of Goals for the next three to five years – this is clarified as part of the scoping.

  Elegant operations –

Aligning and engaging people, processes and equipment

Many organisations are bogged down with legacy systems and procedures that are being undertaken by a largely untrained and therefore unsuitable workforce.

As an example of an workforce issue:

A senior executive in a very large multinational company retired and wasn’t replaced. The Managing Director felt that the the position was no longer relevant,nor necessary and decided to implement test of the relevance and necessity of the position. Fortunately the Managing Director’s epiphany was upheld, and the vacancy was never filled, and was found to be unnecessary. One could argue that the decision to ‘wait and see’ could have been risky. A full formal review may have upheld the Managing Director’s gut feeling and mitigated possible risk. In any event it illustrates the need for reviewing legacy issues.

Constantia will help your organisation identify the steps to aligning and engaging people, processes and equipment by determining:

  • What should be be done and what is actually being done?
  • Who should be doing it and who is actually doing it?
  • How it should be done and how it is actually being done and
  • Whether or not people, processes and equipment are necessary, relevant and optimal for achieving the organisation‘s Mission, Vision and Goals.
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