Graham Le Roux

In a nutshell:

I have over 30 years experience in Australian and international business management, including 15 years of consulting experience.

My industry sector experience includes professional services, metals & mining, energy, government, biotechnology, banking & finance and pharmaceuticals.

I work with small, medium and large businesses, with a particular interest and experience in leveraging knowledge, experience and perspectives.

I’m passionate about the way management has become unnecessarily complicated and in response I have developed a unique message for executives to understand and action their most pressing issues.

My specialty is improving profit, cash-flow and value through leveraging resources.

Peer coaching groups facilitated by Constantia have been attended by bankers, recruiters, accountants, training organisations, software developers, industrial designers, lawyers, events managers, lawyers and software sales executives.

I was born in Zimbabwe and have been an Australian citizen for over 30 years.

Qualifications and awards

Macquarie Graduate School of Management: MBA, awarded the Logistics prize
Sustainable Best Practice Award in recognition of outstanding achievement, contribution and advancement of best practice in the legal profession
Rhodesian National Judo Champion


Quality and best practice

  • A founding Evaluator of Best Practice Board of The Law Society of NSW
  • Founding Director of Quality in Law Incorporated(QIL/QL)
  • Formed the TQM – Law Interest Group with approximately 30 members, growing to 120 members representing 70 organisations. This interest group led to the formation of QIL/QL
  • Lead Evaluator for Australian Quality Awards, coordinating a number of evaluations of large and small organisations including award-winning organisations.
  • Assisted a client become first law firm to achieve Law 9000 recognition

Internal audit

  • Internal Audit manager at Manufacturers Mutual (now Allianz).
  • Internal audit head of five divisions of Shell’s southern African operations managing audit projects in South Africa, Malawi and Swaziland. Project audit teams included Geologists, Mechanical Engineers and Accountants.


  • Assisted a client become first law firm to be listed on the ASX
  • Attended Shell Management Development course in Switzerland with 23 other Shell international executives.

Constantia coaching and consulting


  • 30 years of executive experience
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Financial and KPI benchmarking
  • Operations and service delivery management
  • Internal audit
  • Process review and change management
  • Leveraging business resources
  • Peer coaching